We are part of the Durham City East Methodists group which includes people from Methodist churches in Bowburn, Carrville and Pittington. On this page we share some history about each of these chapels.

The first Methodist chapel in Carrville was a Wesleyan Chapel, built in Bainbridge Street, midway between the High Street and Broomside Lane. The forerunner of our previous chapel building was the Primitive Methodist Chapel which opened in an upstairs room at 40 High Street, now a pet shop. The Methodist revival in the mid 19th century brought the need for larger premises. The Wesleyan Methodist built new premises on the High Street. The Primitive Methodists built the previous building on the present site in 1869, being extended in 1900 by the addition of a schoolroom. After Methodist Union in 1932 the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist congregations united to meet in the ‘Prims’ church building. 

Church membership seems to have fluctuated about the low 20s for much of the period since the First World War until about 1960 when the private housing estates which now surround Carrville began to be developed. This development led to a rise in membership which gave a new impetus to the life of the church. In 1969 this led to the decision that a new church building was necessary. At that time support and finance was only available for renovation, until in 1989 the available space became the factor limiting the work of the church.

The decision was made to replace the then 120 year old building. The new church hall and meeting rooms opened in 1995 and served as our worship centre until the new church was completed in December 2004. Much fundraising and hard work took place to raise the necessary finance through a variety of activities including coffee mornings, concerts, fairs, walks, sponsored events and ceilidhs. 

Faith, hope and prayer have all played a part in the development of Methodism in Carrville. With a current membership of around 90 people and a contemporary building as a base, our aim is to continue the dedication shown by many in the past to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and further the work of God in the community.

Pittington, St Johns, chapel was built 1963 to accommodate the congregations of Clayton Street and Dixon Street Methodist Congregations.

The chapel building in Bowburn was built in 1910, following the amalgamation of the “Tin Chapel”- a Primitive Methodist church which was on the top of the hill in Bowburn, and the “Central” Methodist church at the bottom of the hill. Bowburn Methodist Church is now worshipping in the Bowburn Community Centre across the road.

The buildings are not just here for the church’s use but for the good of the whole community. Come and see them for yourself and sense something of the joy and peace of God. Contact us if you would like to know more.