Christian Discipleship 

Being a disciple is about who you identify with. We can be disciples of all kinds of people or organisation. To be a disciple in a Christian context means to learn from and to become like Jesus. We have various opportunities for discipleship; our services, house groups and courses during Advent and Lent. Groups of people within the church meet together regularly to study the Bible, discuss topics from a Christian viewpoint and pray together. This page outlines our usual activities prior to Covid-19 restrictions to give you a flavour of how you can join in with us.

Christian discipleship is focused around the person of Jesus who he was and who he is. We begin the journey towards a deepening understanding of Jesus, through reading the Bible and speaking to Christians. As we grow as Christian disciples, our view of the world around us will change. We may find a greater peace and purpose in our lives, a deeper level of security and love in a God who knows our names. House groups can provide an opportunity to explore our faith and journey together with the things of God.

Faith and Friendship group  

This group meets fortnightly in person on Mondays at 8.00pm – contact Suzie if you would like to join us and she can confirm the meeting location for you. We are a mixed-age group who meet together for bible study and discussion. We select a variety of different bible studies over the year and discuss in an informal way with everyone being able to take part. We are not just a study group – we are Christian friends who meet together in a relaxed environment to talk about issues affecting our daily lives. Work, family and health, amongst other issues, are discussed over tea and cake. Come along and grow in faith and friendship with us!


Wednesday Bible study
A group of us meet on the first Wednesday of each month to discuss and study the Bible. We meet at 2.15pm on the church premises. You are very welcome to come along and join us.

Monthly Saturday prayer breakfast (9am – 1st Saturday in the month)
We have tea, coffee, fruit or croissants, discuss different topics and pray for situations that concern us all. It is a prayerful time of challenge and also of great spiritual comfort.


Lectio Divina

This is an ancient practice in which we are invited to read and deepen our understanding of scripture by spending time in reading, reflecting, praying and contemplating.
Reading – Read the passage slowly; what is it saying to us all? (Lectio) Read it again, what stands out for you?    Underline words which stand out as you notice them.
Reflecting – What does the passage mean for you in this time and place? (Mediato) Read the passage again, pausing to ask how God might be speaking to you through a phrase or word today?
Praying – As you reflect on the words which stood out for you, and what God may (Oratio) be saying to you, how do you respond to God?
Contemplating – You may want to widen your reading to other passages. Be still (Contempliatio) before God. Invite God to be with you. Give time for the words you have read and the meaning you have found to suggest action in your life.

Methodist Church Bible Month

Have you joined the Methodist Church Bible Month Facebook page yet? You can join it here. This year we are doing Bible Month differently – not just focusing on one event in the year, but offering a variety of different ways of engaging with the Gospel of Mark throughout the year. You can join Rev Adrian Roux on a study guide of the Gospel on Thursday evenings, pray Taketime meditations each Friday, join Pioneers sharing stories around a (virtual!) campfire, be in conversation with how children and young people can engage with the Gospel, listen to and join in some academic teaching, recorded conversations on modelling group bible studies and different hermeneutical readings of the key passages. And lots more – all throughout the year! Sign up to the Methodist Church Bible Month Facebook page and join in the journey!