Sunday services 

Please consult our What’s On pages for information about services during the pandemic. The information below shines light on our usual worship practices and activities were prior to the first lockdown in March.

We meet for worship on Sundays (10.30am), and once every three months we have a Cafe-style service on a Sunday morning. During Sunday morning services the children and young people meet together during the service. We regularly hold all-age worship where all the church family meets together (2nd and 5th Sundays in the month).

Our worship may include a service of baptism when we welcome new members to the Church family. The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper (also known as Communion) is observed on some Sundays when an ordained minister is conducting the service. We invite anyone who loves Christ and His Church to share in the sacrament with us.

At other times, our services may be led by the Minister or by Local Preachers who are lay people given a licence to preach by the Methodist Church. This variety stresses the Methodist view of living out one’s faith by recognising that all God’s people have their own particular duties and responsibilities, in the church and the wider world.

Tuesday mornings 

An informal service takes place on Tuesday mornings (9.30am), giving opportunity for worship in a less formal atmosphere. Young mums with small children have found this time of worship to be of great help as the attendance of young children is positively welcomed. This service lasts for about half an hour and is followed by coffee and chat. 



Prayer is a gift from God which enables us to be attentive to God in the world and in our lives. It is a way we can communicate with God and express what we believe. We can pray individually, in small groups or collectively in a worship setting. On the first Saturday of each month we have a prayer breakfast at 9.00am.
You may find the following links useful in your personal prayer life: